What is Futziball?

Futziball as a pre-stage to club sports allows children between 2 and 5 years an entry into the sports of movement. Futziball is a football-oriented movement concept for children between 2 and 5, who collect first experiences in dealing with the ball and develop a first feeling for their body. As part of age-appropriate training sessions and in the presence of mom / dad / grandma / grandpa, the children collect their first experience in using the ball and develop their first feeling for their sense of balance, coordination of movement and motor skills.

Game, fun and excitement guaranteed! The development of the participating kids is just as important as the fun during the training sessions. Through the use of colors, numbers and symbols and accompanied by child-friendly music, children are taught at an early age, which is helpful for the further development of the child – In everyday life, on the football field and in school! 

  • 60 minutes training/ week outside the holiday periods
  • Promotion of mental and motor development
  • Group of max. 10 children
  • Active Partizipation of (grand) parents

    The training sessions are tailored to the age of the child and are usually held indoor/ in gymnasiums. The training content as well as our colorful training materials are specially designed for the needs of children and optimally stimulate the feeling of balance, coordination and flexibility. For example cones, tires, balance hemispheres and other coordination-promoting and sensorimotor materials are part of the equipment.
Futziball – The pre-stage to club sports
"The concept and the idea behind Futziball is unique. The movement experience, which the kids make by Futziball at an early age, is worth gold for further development. If the kids reach the age to do sports in a club, they have a certain advantage over other children without experience in coordination, balance and motor skills."
Marcel Lucassen
Youth Director of Arsenal London,
former Co-Coach of TSG Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga
and former technical coach at the German Football Association

What is offered?

  • Training content and materials specially designed for Futziball
  • Creative sessions with games, fun and music
  • Quality time parent/ child
  • Training in Small groups
  • Original Futziball shirt/ ball
  • Gratis Futziball bottle and certificate

What is taught?

  • Movement skills like coordination, Balance and Motor skills
  • Basic principles of Football such as Dribbling, Passung and shooting
  • The naming and recognition of colours, numbers and symbols